Acoustics and Music of British Prehistory Research Cluster

Second Symposium – Birley Room, Hatfield College, University of Durham

Wednesday 2nd September 2009

Directions can be found at:

10.00am            Arrive coffee/tea

10.30am            Keynote speaker – Steven Waller – Rock Art and Archaeoacoustics

11.00am            Advantages and disadvantages of acoustic measurement and

                             modelling approaches by Damian Murphy, Audiolab, University of York

11.30                  Introduction to best practice and methodology

12.00                  Discussion in 3 interdiscipinary groups             

1.00pm              Lunch (provided)

1.30pm              Informal demonstration of various prehistoric instrument models by Simon

                            Wyatt and Graeme Lawson

2.00pm             Multimedia artwork presentation by Aaron Watson and John Crewdson

2.30pm             Reports from discussions

3.00pm             Discussion of Future Plans

4pm                    end

Expenses forms are available for travel and other reasonable expenses, all those attending can claim reasonable travel expenses, as long as you provide receipts/invoice and/or mileage details.

Attendance and lunch are free of charge.

To reserve a place please contact Rupert Till: