This page is the focus of a discussion of research questions relating to the acoustics and music of British Prehistory. There is also space to raise your own question or discussion topic. Just post a comment to start a discussion topic. Or add a comment to an existing question or discussion.

There is a list of the research questions that this network aims to address that can be accessed on the pages on the right hand side of this site under ‘questions’. These are divided into three areas.


One Response to “Questions”

  1. Chris Jarvis Says:


    My name is Chris Jarvis and I am researching the Early Neolithic in Southern Britain for a feature film I’m going to make. I’ve spent the last 8 months working on the building/monument aspect of that period and I’m now moving over to the Daily Life aspects – hunting techniques/ survival, music and sound and language etc…

    My first subject of the Daily Life aspect of the period is Music/sound and I just wondered if there is a textbook on the subject that you might suggest as a good entry point to the subject?

    All the best,

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