Acoustics Based Research Questions for the Acoustics and Music of British Prehistory Research Group

1. What were the intensions of many acoustic phenomena in archaeological sites? Were those acoustic phenomena intentional? 

2. Can current acoustic modelling/simulation techniques be used for archaeological sites? 

2.1 What is the purpose, for research, for training, for education, or for fun?

2.2 What kinds of sound should be included?

2.3 What are the limits of current techniques?

2.4 How can different kinds of sites, in different regions, be considered?

3. How can/should current acoustic modelling/simulation techniques be further developed?

 3.1 How should material characteristics be considered as input?

3.2 What are the special features of archaeological sites, compared to modern auditorium (in terms of room acoustics software) or urban situations (in terms of noise mapping software)?

4. Should we develop a standard procedure (check-list) for the acoustic investigation of archaeological sites, for example, to record temperature, humidity, wind speed, background noise in a standard way, so that comparative studies between different sites would be possible?


One Response to “Acoustics Based Research Questions”

  1. I attended the first meeting of the ‘Acoustics and Music of British Music
    Prehistory Research Cluster’ in Cambridge last week. It was refreshing and
    encouraging to see what a wide range of specialities were represented –
    archaeologists, acousticians, 3-D modellers, artists & musicians. I’m sure that
    some good work will result – many thanks to Rupert Till for setting it up.

    I had a conversation there with Sarah May of English Heritage, about a idea to
    replicate the 3 missing stones of the Beckhampton Cove, near Avebury, to explore
    its acoustic properties. Please note that this is just an idea so far – no
    permission has been granted!

    I’ve put the proposal on a web page to open it up to suggestions & comments.
    Please have a look and let me know what you think.

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